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yo! thanks for the sweet feature! :D<3

Anonymous asks: i think that you would probably enjoy the game Skullgirls, you should check it out when you can

yo thank you so much for the rec! 

i checked it out briefly and i love the character designs! they look so fun! :’D



hey i really care about y’all, it matters to me if you’re havin a crummy day or if you’re havin a really awesome day! of course i always encourage positive emotions, but the negative ones are just as valid and if you’re feelin it, then trust it and let it happen. 

take care today, cos safety is so important and i care that you feel safe. tell a friend why you like them, have the courage to smile when you feel like frowning, eat a slice of cake and enjoy the sunset. things will be okay. :)<3

Anonymous asks: I feel like Dante would sometimes go through like the opposite of a rebellious phase sometimes and just listen to a shit ton of Madonna and Icona Pop

LMAO IMAGINE dante as that lil kid dancing to vogue by madonna 

(altho lbr that’s smth that vergil would already be doing, bless his heart)

Anonymous asks: Vicki! Did you know that a designer of vergils downfall replyed to fans questions on the dmc forum? This is the thread : devilmaycry(.)org/threads/so-i-worked-on-dmc.18074 there are so many interesting informations about vergil!!! *sqeee*

hey! oh my god, whoa this is so cool! thank you so much for sharing!<3 

i especially like what he had to say about vergil killing the hollow versions of everyone and himself as a way of being reborn. ALSO the scrapped ideas, such as the lilith boss battle on a moving train and playing as young dante, even if they wouldn’t have made sense with the rest of the game, sound SO COOL ??? !! DAM….


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hahaa, YES!